The Jaguar XE Looks Great on the Outside

October 13th, 2018 by

The name Jaguar brings images of a sleek-looking luxury performance car. The Jaguar XE, in particular, ranks high among all the many performance sedans on the market. The engine isn’t the only thing that sets the XE apart. Several stunning exterior features do as well.

Aerodynamics is a word bandied about when discussing performance cars. No exaggeration exists with the brilliant aerodynamics of the Jaguar XE. The vehicle’s frame presents a design capable of combating wind resistance. The frame not only looks good, but it also supports performance.

The trunk even comes with a unique feature designed for easier opening and closing. You won’t need to touch anything to open the trunk lid. Just place your foot under a rear corner, and the trunk lid opens and closes. As a convenience feature, this one is special.

How about taking a trek to our showroom in Grand Rapids, MI to look at a Jaguar XE up close? Better yet, why not take one out for a test drive when you visit Jaguar Grand Rapids?


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