The Jaguar F-PACE Leads the Way in Digital Technology

November 27th, 2018 by

The Jaguar F-PACE is a luxury crossover SUV that gets high ratings in digital technology, performance, and interior comfort. This British-designed car boasts cutting-edge features in a well-appointed cockpit.

Running on the patented Touch Pro technology, the vehicle’s 10-inch infotainment system connects you to a virtual world in real time. You can pinch the highly responsive touch screen to zoom in on maps and other graphics. The InControl Apps suite includes dozens of apps that are optimized for modern drivers and passengers. For example, you could access AccuWeather to get weather projections in your local area.

The Touch Pro multimedia hub in the F-PACE includes the Connect Pro technology, which includes a wireless internet network. Passengers in the rear row can easily connect their smartphones, tablets and laptop computers to the reliable WiFi connection. You could also take advantage of the Route Planner app that’s included in the Connect Pro portal.

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