Jump Start Strategies for the Highway

July 5th, 2019 by

When a car won’t crack on the side of a highway, strategic steps must to taken to jump-start its battery. Then, key things must be considered, such as the maintenance spot, the weather, and nearby traffic.

On a busy highway, cars will drive by quickly, so you must set up the vehicles for a jump start in a safe zone. If the car that needs a jump start is near a steep curve, push it to a spot where you can see vehicles traveling on the road clearly from a distance. Then, park the automobile that has the charged battery in front of the drained battery. At this point, connect all of the jumper cables to the correct terminals. Both batteries will have color-coded pieces that match the clamps on the cables. To transfer energy to the drained battery, crank your car, and mash the gas pedal gradually. After a few minutes, the other vehicle’s battery will harvest enough power to crank the engine.

If a battery fails to charge, seek professional maintenance services. In Grand Rapids, MI, you can service a battery for a regular or turbocharged engine at Jaguar Grand Rapids.

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