It’s Time for Your Next Battery Diagnostic Service Appointment

This is the time of year in Grand Rapids when there is always concern about a car battery. During the colder temperatures, your car’s battery cold cranking amperage is needed even more than usual. Although a battery is manufactured to endure the harshest weather, a diagnostic battery test should be scheduled.

A battery diagnostic test also includes inspecting the battery terminals, the battery cables, and the cleanliness of a battery. When acid corrosion builds up on the battery terminals and cables, this can cause your engine not to start. In addition, over time if the battery does not reach its full recharge capacity it can cause cell damage; resulting in a dead battery.

Having regular battery maintenance can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long term. By proactively having Jaguar Grand Rapids trained technicians inspect your car’s battery, you can provide yourself with the best assurance that your engine will start when needed.

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