Proper Alignment: Proper Ride

As a car owner, you know the importance of maintaining your car for safety and longevity. One routine maintenance is an alignment, but what is it and how much does it cost to have it serviced? Below are some answers to your alignment questions:

  • Tire Alignment- Tire alignment involves the vehicles suspension which connects a car to its wheels, a proper alignment means that the tires are at the right angle to properly make contact with the road.
  • Tire Wear- If your vehicle does not have proper alignment it can lead to uneven wear on your tires. This uneven wear can lead to costly tire replacement, and if unnoticed the uneven wear can compromise the tire and possible lead to a tire blow out and an avoidable accident.
  • Cost- Having your vehicle properly aligned cost around $100.00; this is relatively inexpensive when compared to having to replace tires and suspension due to driving with an improper alignment.

At Jaguar Grand Rapids we want to make sure all drivers are safe and it is important to make sure your car has a proper alignment. Come visit any of our Grand Rapids locations and have an expert look at your cars alignment.

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