Move Over For Roadside Workers & Emergency Vehicles

The safety of emergency workers lending assistance alongside the highway is important to us here at Jaguar Grand Rapids. According to studies reported by the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, as many as 200 people die annually in traffic accidents while they are working on the side of the road. Many of these tragic accidents could be avoided if drivers would remember to change lanes and make extra room for emergency vehicles and other roadside workers they notice along the highway.

For this reason, every state in the United States has what is commonly called a "Move Over" law making it mandatory for drivers to move over if at all possible when they notice emergency vehicles or tow trucks with their lights flashing beside the highway. While this might sound like common sense to many of us, 71 percent of Americans are unaware that failure to do so is a violation of the law according to a poll conducted by the National Safety Commission. So remember, slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

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