New Tires Keep You Safe on the Road

The treads on tires aren't just for making fancy tire tracks. Their real purpose is to push rain and snow out of the way as you drive. If your tires are too worn, they may lose traction in those conditions, and your car could slip and slide across the road.

Whenever your car reaches 4/32 inch of tread depth, it's time to replace the tires. You can measure this with a quarter; that is the approximate distance from the top of the coin to the top of Washington's head. In snowy climates, it's best to replace tires even sooner. Cracks, bulges and bubbles are other signs of an imminent need.

Are you ready for new tires? Visit our service center at Jaguar Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI, and we'll set you up with the right tires for your vehicle.

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