Exhaust System Problems: You Can See, Hear, and Smell Them

We've all probably heard, seen, and smelled a vehicle that was having exhaust problems. If a muffler isn't working properly, it's loud. Moreover, there are other parts on the exhaust system that are responsible for controlling the emissions on your vehicle, so that your vehicle isn't producing fumes that you can see and smell.

To keep the fumes and noise down, the exhaust system first sends the gases through the exhaust manifolds, through the oxygen sensor, then through the catalytic converter. Your muffler is the final step in the process, doing exactly what it's name suggests. If one of these components to your vehicle is not working properly, you will begin to experience problems with fumes, noise, or even your vehicle's ability to function.

If you'd like to have a portion of your exhaust system looked at, come to our service center at Jaguar Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI. We'll be happy to diagnose and fix and issues with your vehicle.

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