Why Your Engine Could be Overheating

Your vehicle's engine is extremely important. It's what keeps your car running, and it provides your vehicle with all of its power. This means that engine overheating can be a serious issue. So what causes overheating, and how can it be fixed?

By far the most common cause of overheating is a coolant shortage. If your vehicle's coolant levels get too low, then the coolant system can cease to function properly, and your engine can quickly begin to overheat. Coolant levels can lower slowly through normal use, but if you notice a significant and sudden drop, then you should bring your vehicle in for a checkup immediately. However, coolant shortages aren't the only cause of engine overheating. Extreme temperatures can contribute heavily to overheating, as can a damaged or broken radiator fan, water pump, or hose rupture. The cooling system in your vehicle is complex and delicate. It needs regular service to stay in peak condition.

If you believe that your engine could be overheating, then schedule an appointment with our service technicians at Jaguar Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI today!

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