Don’t Neglect Your Gas Tank! Keep It Full This Winter

Many smart drivers in the Grand Rapids area make an effort to get their cars or trucks ready for winter temperatures and this also means keeping their fuel tanks full. Many drivers are still unaware of the necessity of keeping a full tank of gas throughout the winter months. Damage and unplanned auto repairs may follow if you are not careful.

A gas tank that is not full contains air. The moisture in that air can freeze in cold temperatures, prevent gas from reaching the engine, and prevent ignition. Next, when those temperatures warm up the damage starts. Melted ice becomes water that creates rust and enters the fuel line. This can erode the fuel line, reduce vehicle performance, and damage the engine.

Simply prevent these issues by filling your tank up in the winter months. Here at Jaguar Grand Rapids, we understand that all motorists are not conscious of this necessity, and invites you to come by for additional winter season preparation for your vehicle.

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